State of Wedding Photography

May 19, 2010 | Filed Under Wedding 

I just ran across this rant by the one of the most well known names in the Wedding Photography business. Gary Fong has wrote a lengthy rant about what is wrong with wedding photography today. He basically is slamming on the “Rock Star” photographers that have used the internet to great success to build their “brand”. What I enjoyed bout the semi-angry rant was his caution of the over use of Photoshop. In the digital age, it is pretty tempting to just shoot and fix later in the camera, without regard for the moment. Everyone wants to look fantastic in a photo. Every photographer wants to create fantastic photos. I think though so many today are not learning the fundamentals of photography and just relying too much on photoshop to save them. I am actually quite lazy when it comes to photoshopping my images. I would say 90% of my images are unedited except for the black and white conversion here, or the push of some colors there to make them pop a little more. In fact rarely do I even crop in photoshop. I say it like that because I do crop, in camera. I like getting a great image straight out of the camera that was shot during the event, during the moments. That way I don’t have to go back through and drudge through 2000+ images after the thrill of the party has worn off. It is just my style I guess…to each their own.


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