The Annie factor.

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I ran across some good behind the scenes looks at Annie Leibovitz’s work. If you want to see constant high quality photography. She does a lot of work for vanity fair and my favorite covers shes done are:

April 2007
June 2007
and Feb 2008
(Covers available here:

Though the following video, is an insight as to how much post processing can be done, even with a photography guru such as Annie:

There is something uncomfortable to me about heavy post processing. I guess for marketing its needed sometimes, but for like oh say Wedding Photography? I dunno, I think that should be more about the decisive moment than any post processing. Maybe thats just me.

Summer in the Desert

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This is my favorite time of year. It is bloody hot (and that I cannot handle) but some evenings, most during the monsoons we are treated to daily afternoon thundershowers. Which has several effects of cooling off the outside, providing some spectacular light shows and making the desert smell fresh and renewed. My summer hobby/passtime is capturing these storms and their light shows. Yesterday was the first one of the season. Not only was I treated to one kind of lightning light show, but the clouds broke in such a way that I was fortunate enough to get some lovely sunset colors as well.

I hope there are many more like this…