Firing up the Studio

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The latest studio shoot! What a great way to spend a Monday evening! A nice kick off to spring too!

Social Networking Special!

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Picacho Country Club

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There are some nice venues in Las Cruces for weddings and receptions. I was fortunate enough to photograph the reception of Joni & Shawn at the Picacho Hills Country Club. I was worried at first though cause I had brought along my “travel studio” which includes a light, background and some other accessories. It is quite bulky and takes up space which wasn’t readily available until some helpful staff members let me take over an entire unused room and the studio was up and running! Alls well that ends well!

Yellow Belt

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I finally cleaned up my house AND the studio. You know a nice clean space is a great space for creativity and work. My daughter got her Yellow Belt recently in karate and was very proud. I kept promising her a photo shoot of her achievement and tonight we made it happen! It was just a quick few pics in the studio before bedtime, this was her (and my) favorite! I am very proud of her! :)

Watching the man who watched the watchmen?

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So an awesome photographer from NYC is visiting Las Cruces it seems, he has been on tour. He did most the photography on the set of “the Watchmen” and has been involved in various other movies as well. Not often our small town gets visited by greatness but hey I look forward to what images (if any) he makes and how he sees the area. I was lucky enough in 2007 to chat with him and hear about his work as a professional photographer photographing everything from the mundane, to the celebrities even right down to random passer-bys. Welcome to Las Cruces Clay!