Building Walking

January 27, 2010 | Filed Under Commercial, Photography | Leave a Comment 

I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Hubbell Building Automation, Inc.   They totally tricked out the new Las Cruces City hall and I got to walk the new building taking photographs of their products that are used  within the building.  There is certainly a different approach to taking photos of inanimate objects over people because they just never seem to smile!  But I love the non-breakneck speed that one can take to product application photography.  I would love to book more commercial work, this was quite a fun assignment!



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On the longer weekends it is customary for me and a bunch of friends to pile into a car and just drive off with only a vague destination in mind.  New Mexico is great like that, and one doesn’t have to travel far from Las Cruces to get a total change in scenery.  It also makes for some great photographic moments.  One of these days I promise myself I will take my 4×5 large format camera and really get some serious landscape photos.  Though this time I just went with my trusty canon and my point and shoot, of which I used the point and shoot much more.  It just is more convenient.  So enjoy the pictures from the little boondoggle this weekend and I hope everyone had a great MLK Jr. Day!







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For those of you who have seen the engagement section on my webpage, you may remember a sweet couple up there! I had the honor of taking their engagement photos and then later in December was honored again for doing some maternity photos.  I was just informed that they had their baby boy so I think a big congratulations is in order! Maybe if you all are in Las Cruces, family photos will be in order! Or perhaps I can just schlep all my photo gear over to you all and get some lovely photos of the new addition to your family! :)