Is Film Dead?

November 3, 2009 | Filed Under Uncategorized | Leave a Comment 

I have been really itching to do some film photography again. No good cause has arisen yet. I did have a large format project to photograph Las Cruces at night in various settings, but until I can make a way to easily develop large format negatives in my bathroom that will have to hold. I do love the process of film, taking an image from the freshly opened pack of film to a finished and washed fiber based print is just an awesome experience. Very time consuming ones. When I photograph weddings here in Las Cruces I usually shoot digital, but once I would love a bride to request Film. Man to spend some time in the darkroom on a one of a kind print for a bride would be a lovely treat and art at its best. So some images I have taken only semi-recently with my Seagull TLR and my Bronica SQ. These are actual scans of the negatives taken and developed by me. :)
Bronica SQ Image
Seagul TLR Image