Fiesta Texas

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So I had a little bit of fun in San Antonio and as promised here are some images from one of the wilder rides…

and then this one, with a nice free fall it was called the “screamer”, and I did… :)


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Sometimes you don’t have your Canon 50D on ya and all you have is one of the latest (and not to shabby) cell phone cameras. With a little attention to light and composition, you can still eek out quite a nice image. This one here was taken with my G1 phone’s 3MP camera. I took a break from the hustle and bustle of photographing in Las Cruces and decided to snap a few pics during my trip to San An. Most the images are LoFi either taken with my cell phone or my point and shoot. It was a nice little excursion and even hit six flags, might post some of those photos later (roller coasters are actually quite artistic pieces of engineering).