Summer Storms

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One thing I love bout these hot months here in Las Cruces is the summer monsoons. About every afternoon starting around July is filled with storms in the afternoon and evening that light up the sky. Sometimes I get lucky and the storms come with little rain, and are at a safe enough distance I can go and capture them with my camera. I wait darn near all year for these events and I will go even late night to capture these beauties. I am a little sad the Monsoons are drawing to an end, maybe august will still provide for some great lightning shows that I can photograph.


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Sometimes, especially when on vacation you just don’t want to lug around your big old digital SLR and other equipment. Sometimes it is very handy to have a nice point and shoot along, glad I had my Olympus 850 SW on me to get this image of the Coronado Bay Bridge in San Diego. Here in Las Cruces, we don’t see a lot of water, let alone get to go out on a harbor excursion so this image is one of my favorites I captured while on the boat. I like it cause it has a very film feeling to me :)

Ester & Armando

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Ready or not!
Gettin ready
Cute flower girl!
DVD Lightscribed!
On Saturday I was fortuante enough to photograph the wedding of Ester & Armando at the methodist church in Las Cruces.  It was to date probably the most heaviest attended wedding I have photographed.  The brides mades wore a lovely red in contrast to the brides white dress and everyone looked so happy to be there.  I covered the getting ready, the ceremony, formals and then the reception afterwards held at a very historic house here in Las Cruces.  Everyone had a blast and I got some great images of this fun couple (The groom was such a joker!).  I even got to geek out and finally put my lightscribe disc drive to the test, for completeness I am posting an image of the final DVD I will deliver to them with all their photographs and memories of the day on it.  I like what the lightscribe can do for the look of a DVD.  Maybe in the future, I can offer a neat album of photos that also includes a jacket that not only holds but displays the DVD as well?!?