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For the Heart Gallery

Every once in a while an oppertunity comes a long that is just too good to pass up.  Last week I was contacted by the founder of the Heart Gallery.  She gave me the run down of what they were and what they did, and invited me to a part of it.  I agreed, and then was informed an event was coming up in 4 days that she wondered if even given the short notice I could make it to, I agreed again.  So on Saturday I packed up a small “studio” (a backdrop and my cameras) and went to where they were filming kids that were up for adoption and then I proceeded to take images of them for the Heart Gallery.  Well one of the little girls was interested in the process of my photos, and that in turn impressed me.  She was shy and timid but very sweet, and the highlight of the even (There were many) was the same girl telling me “I hope I get adopted by parents who spoil me”.  That just touched me so much, what a great experience.

That time of year again…

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Mother nature at her best.

Mother nature at her best.



I love the thrill of storm chasing, and getting great storm Photography in Las Cruces.  Granted I don’t get to go that far away from my “base camp” (home), but I am lucky enough to live on the outskirts of town where the storms usually brew up and fly over.  This image was taken on Saturday from a cell that was apparently a severe thunderstorm.  It was calm and quiet but the smell of ozone and rain was in the air.  Luckily the cell moved over my house after I got this shot and provided some nice rumbling to goto sleep too.