Gary and Gloria

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I had a great time sharing Gloria’s and Gary’s special day.  It was a beautiful ceremony held at Biggs Army Airfield in El Paso, Texas.

This venue was awesome because the church itself was gorgeous and there was a lovely outdoor park nearby where we got some great formals of the happy couple and their wedding party.  

After the ceremony, the party was just getting started…their reception was equally as fabulous.

So thank you, Gloria and Gary, for letting me in on your special day.  You had it planned awesome and everything went off without a hitch!

Sunset Wedding FTW!

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I was honored by being able to photograph Amanda and Roy’s wedding this last weekend. It was a sunset ceremony and the whole ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous sunset, great weather, what more could one ask for? 20101106-img_675320101106-img_577720101106-img_580520101106-img_5800634248034695285000

Watching the man who watched the watchmen?

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So an awesome photographer from NYC is visiting Las Cruces it seems, he has been on tour. He did most the photography on the set of “the Watchmen” and has been involved in various other movies as well. Not often our small town gets visited by greatness but hey I look forward to what images (if any) he makes and how he sees the area. I was lucky enough in 2007 to chat with him and hear about his work as a professional photographer photographing everything from the mundane, to the celebrities even right down to random passer-bys. Welcome to Las Cruces Clay!

Your number was wrong!

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So this is a long shot, but I recently had someone leave a message on my voice mail inquiring about my package prices. I love messages, emails, everything. I respond to them with what I like to think is ‘the quickness’. The only problem with this particular message is that the return number left for me to call back is not working. Says it is not in service or has been changed. :/ I don’t like the idea that someone out there may be thinking I blew them off :( . So if you read this, please call again and leave me a number where I will gladly get back to you! :)

Is Film Dead?

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I have been really itching to do some film photography again. No good cause has arisen yet. I did have a large format project to photograph Las Cruces at night in various settings, but until I can make a way to easily develop large format negatives in my bathroom that will have to hold. I do love the process of film, taking an image from the freshly opened pack of film to a finished and washed fiber based print is just an awesome experience. Very time consuming ones. When I photograph weddings here in Las Cruces I usually shoot digital, but once I would love a bride to request Film. Man to spend some time in the darkroom on a one of a kind print for a bride would be a lovely treat and art at its best. So some images I have taken only semi-recently with my Seagull TLR and my Bronica SQ. These are actual scans of the negatives taken and developed by me. :)
Bronica SQ Image
Seagul TLR Image

Fiesta Texas

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So I had a little bit of fun in San Antonio and as promised here are some images from one of the wilder rides…

and then this one, with a nice free fall it was called the “screamer”, and I did… :)


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Sometimes you don’t have your Canon 50D on ya and all you have is one of the latest (and not to shabby) cell phone cameras. With a little attention to light and composition, you can still eek out quite a nice image. This one here was taken with my G1 phone’s 3MP camera. I took a break from the hustle and bustle of photographing in Las Cruces and decided to snap a few pics during my trip to San An. Most the images are LoFi either taken with my cell phone or my point and shoot. It was a nice little excursion and even hit six flags, might post some of those photos later (roller coasters are actually quite artistic pieces of engineering).

A sending off

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Went to Tucson a few weeks ago to see a friend off to Japan. She just arrived there and said it was absolutely amazing. The trip from Las Cruces to Tucson wasn’t so bad, so it was no sweat going up there for a little farewell party. I even stayed here at this hotel, and they give you free warm cookies when you check in, how awesome is that?

Summer Storms

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One thing I love bout these hot months here in Las Cruces is the summer monsoons. About every afternoon starting around July is filled with storms in the afternoon and evening that light up the sky. Sometimes I get lucky and the storms come with little rain, and are at a safe enough distance I can go and capture them with my camera. I wait darn near all year for these events and I will go even late night to capture these beauties. I am a little sad the Monsoons are drawing to an end, maybe august will still provide for some great lightning shows that I can photograph.